John E. Kuenzl Foundation Donation


We are grateful to the John E. Kuenzl Foundation for increasing their annual support of The Grand to $50,000, to support The Grand’s “Every Child, Every Grade, Every Year™” initiative. The Kuenzl Foundation has, for years, supported the Student Discovery Series, which also receives support from the Bemis Foundation. In addition to the Discovery Series, artist residencies by the Missoula Children’s Theatre (sponsored by Verve), and the “The Arts: The Other Basic Human Need (sponsored by Boldt) are scheduled for this Spring. The increased support from the Kuenzl Foundation will support these residencies and events, as well as reduced rental rates provided to school performances at The Grand.

An extremely aggressive schedule of community engagement and educational events is in the planning stages. In addition to the lead support of the Kuenzl Foundation, and the support of other sponsors mentioned here, there is an opportunity for others to have a part in supporting these great community service initiatives.

Thank you again to the Kuenzl Foundation for leading the way in supporting The Grand’s education and community engagement programming.


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